About Us

A Positive Impact on Family & Community

“When you do the right things in life and in business the rewards will follow.” – Sam Neuberg

The European Connection

Neuberg & Neuberg Importers Group, Inc. was founded by Sam Neuberg in 1962. The inspiration for the business was to import unique products from Europe that would best serve the US market. Sam, a true survivor of his generation, arriving in the US in 1954, did what many ‘forward thinking’ European immigrants did; he started his own business.

Sam, in his determination, recognized the importance of his legacy and never wavered in his vision to have his son follow in his footsteps. With his strong family values deeply rooted in tradition, Sam, who never had the opportunity to work alongside his own father, worked tirelessly to be sure that this did not happen again. Today, Sam enjoys a rich relationship working side by side with his son, realizing a positive impact on his family and community.

To quote Sam, “When you do the right things in life and in business the rewards will follow.”

The Company Today

For over 30 years, Larry Neuberg, President, and his father Sam, Founder, continue advancing the company’s core objectives of providing the finest range of products and excellent services to a multitude of industries.

With this in mind, we have broadened our business base to include Professional Picture Framers, Interior Designers, Furniture and Lamp Shade Makers, Gilders, Architectural Conservators, Faux Finishers, Book Binders, Concrete and Coating Decor, Taxidermist, Sign Makers, Artists, Automotive Finishers, Decorative Painters, Professional Caterers, Chefs, Mixologist, Chocolatiers, Bridal and Wedding Planners, Beauticians, Facialists, Manicurists, and Cosmetics and Fragrance manufacturers.

Using the same determination as his father, Larry has expanded into not only the domestic but also international market place, remaining committed to the strong Neuberg family traditions and values. His primary focus and priority remains to be a responsive and respected leader in the industry.

To quote Larry, “The harder you work in life and in business the luckier you will be.”