How to Order Liners

Length Liner

Our liners generally comes in ten-foot lengths, however due to the natural qualities inherent in wood, stick lengths may vary. Minimum order is one stick per style.

Chop Service (Cut & Miter)

To calculate the cost of a chop, determine the united inches by adding any two adjoining sides of the frame. Round off to the next highest number in the left hand column of the United Inches Chart. Follow that row to the column corresponding to the width of the liner. That footage, multiplied by the per-foot chop price of the chosen liner equals the cost of the chop.

Note: All chops will be cut to rabbet measurement with a 1/8" standard allowance, unless specified otherwise.

Size of frame: 15 1/2" x 19 1/2". Liner selected is 2" wide. Add 15 1/2" plus 19 1/2" = 35. Using 36 as the next higher number on the United Inches Chart, follow that the line to the 2" column where you will find 7.5 feet. Multiply the chop price of the liner by 7.5 to arrive at the total cost chop. When ordering two or more chops in combination for the same frame, you only need to give the rabbet measurement of the inner frame and indicate "TFA" (To Fit Around) for the outer frame.

Chevron Samples

Samples may be ordered as chevron corners or 4" chips:
  • LINERS - Charged at 1 foot length price. (6" chevrons or straight-cut pieces)
  • CUSTOM WRAPS - Charged at 1 foot chop price. (Corners are end-wrapped)
  • PRIMED - Complete set of 45 profiles in 6" chevron corners (42 Primed and 3 stretcher Bars)
  • PRE-COVERED - Complete set of 45 profiles in 6" chevron corners (All Pre-Covered and 3 Stretcher Bars)

Joining Charge

There is a charge of $8.50 for joining liners or frames. Additional crating charges may apply.

Fillets (Special Instructions)

When ordering chopped fillets, please specify the exact point at which the measurements are taken and state "sight size" or "mat size".

Special Note

Liners longer than 8 feet will be cut to 4 feet, plus balance, unless specified otherwise when shipping via UPS . Please check liners for color, number, size and condition, prior to cutting and joining. NNI Group, Inc. cannot be responsible for problems encountered after cutting and joining.
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