How to Order Fabrics

3 Simple Steps in Ordering Fabrics

  1. Specify number of yards
  2. Specify PATTERN name
  3. Specify COLOR name

Special Notes

  • You may order in fractions of a yard
  • All Fabrics are R.O.T. (Rolled in Tube) and covered with plastic
  • Fabric orders are shipped within 24 hours

Fabrics (especially natural fibers such as linen, silk, and cotton) have natural imperfections, which cannot be avoided. The weaving and dyeing processes have been improved over the centuries, however slight variations may exist from lot to lot. We do understand the special demands of the picture framing industry and for this reason, our risk-free policy applies to all our products.

Rich Suede has been intentionally mottled to simulate genuine suede. Please be aware that this mottling is not always apparent on small swatches.

Please check fabric for color, size, and condition prior to use. Framing Fabrics cannot be responsible for problems encountered after cutting or mounting.

Please exercise caution when opening rolls so as not to damage fabric.

Verify that the width of the fabric is adequate for your needs.

Width can vary by plus or minus one inch.

Fabric Conversion Chart

Conversion Chart
1/4 Yard = 9" x Width of Roll
1/3 Yard = 12" x Width of Roll
1/2 Yard = 18" x Width of Roll
2/3 Yard = 24" x Width of Roll
3/4 Yard = 27" x Width of Roll
1 Yard = 36" x Width of Roll
1 1/4 Yards = 45" x Width of Roll
1 1/3 Yards = 48" x Width of Roll
1 1/2 Yards = 54" x Width of Roll
1 2/3 Yards = 60" x Width of Roll
1 3/4 Yards = 63" x Width of Roll
2 Yards = 72" x Width of Roll
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