Custom Wrapped Mats Information

Types of boards

  • 4 Ply (Standard Mat) - Maximum size is 40"x60"
  • 4 Ply (Acid board/Conservation Acid Free - Alpha Cellulose) - Maximum size 60"x104"
  • 8 Ply (Rag Mat/Museum Rag) - Maximum size is 40"x60"
  • 3/16" Think (Foam Board) - Maximum size is 40"x60"

- Mats larger than 40"x60" will be produced on, and charged at the 4-Ply Acid-Free mat price.
- Custom Wrapped Mats produced on foam board will be charged at the 4-Ply Acid-Free mat price.

Design Notes

The Illustration

Assuming the fabric you have selected has a distinct GRAIN, we suggest that you order per this example:

  • The piece to be covered has outside dimensions of 24" x 36". If the piece is PORTRAIT (GRAIN running along the short side of the board), you will need to order 1 full yard. If the piece is LANDSCAPE (GRAIN running along the long side of the board), you will need only 2/3 of a yard.
  • When ordering, please remember to specify both PATTERN name and COLOR name. Always verify that the width of the fabric is adequate for your needs. Please note that there is NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT. You may order fractions of a yard.

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Design Notes
It is generally preferred that the GRAIN of the fabric on framed pieces runs LANDSCAPE (horizontally). This is in keeping with the GRAIN as it appears on draperies and on wall coverings. The GRAIN, as referred to here, runs from edge to edge across the width as indicated on the sketch. Bear in mind that many fabrics have no distinct GRAIN to speak of, and that in such cases this instruction does apply.
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